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Use The Right Speed At The Right Time

Speed and agility are task specific.

What this means is that your speed and agility training need to be specific to the demands of your sport or task.

The demands required in a sport like basketball is different compared to a sport like soccer or football.

If you've ever sat down and watched a game of basketball, soccer and football, you would notice that one is a fast-paced back and forth, stop start, one is small bursts of sprints with a lot of steady-state mileage and the last is a lot of constant running for an overall high volume and high-speed efforts.

What you will also notice is that the agility required in all three sports are different. Basketball will have a lot more short, sharp cutting and lateral movements, soccer will have a lot more stop starts and changes of direction, and football will have a lot more long bursts of linear efforts to a sudden curved or sharp change in direction. Of course, there are overlaps within all these sports but the devil is in the details.

This is why we ensure our speed and agility training is specific to the needs of the athlete.

On top of this, all athletes have varying degrees of fitness and maximal aerobic speed.

Our speed & agility program tests where you begin to ensure we give you the right dosages of speed work and re-tests you over time to see how far you've come.

Whether you sprint on the lead to get away from your opponent, you zig left and then zag right to get past your opponent on the way to the basket or you're on the back foot defending a striker, you will need to access the right speed at the right time. We can help you do this.

Stop wasting time on drills that don't transfer over to your sports performance and starting training specifically for speed & agility.

our process to develop speed and agility.

1. Maximise Strength & Power Output

To be fast, you need to be powerful and to be powerful, you need to be strong. The stronger you are, the better you are able to produce explosive power. This power is what will make you fast. Strength and power can be developed in the gym, utilising resistance training to maximise these two outputs. To get specific results, we need specific strategies. Our strategy in the weight room helps you develop the output required to improve your speed.

2. Acceleration, Top-End Speed & Change of Direction Mechanics

Running mechanics is a hotly debated topic. Based on the "optimal" biomechanics to run fast, the world's fastest runner Usain Bolt doesn't necessarily tick all the boxes. However, he still manages to be the fastest in the world. No doubt genetics play a big part in this. But if you are an athlete who is not genetically blessed with the gift of speed, every bit of improvement in running mechanics will help maximise what you have and will help with your speed development.

3. Speed Training

You can't forget that specificity rules all. In order get faster, you need to keep exposing yourself to high-speed running. This means on-field speed training to ensure you are transferring all of your development where it matters most.


Our speed & agility program aims to improve strength & power output, running mechanics for maximum acceleration, top-end speed and change of direction, and expose you to the one thing that you have to do to run fast. All of this is integrated in our Athlete Development Program (ADP).

Our ADP decreases risk of injury, improves athletic characteristics (strength, power, speed) and helps bridge the gap between your strengths and weaknesses. This is how it works:

1. The Athlete Action Strategy

Formulating The Strategy

The most efficient and effective way of determining if you’re achieving your goals is to assess the appropriate measures and formulate an action strategy.

All our athletes begin with performance testing. This allows us to:

  • Screen for any previous injuries that may be holding you back
  • Determine your baseline measures to ensure we have the minimum level of athletic characteristics to return to performance in the event you are injured.
  • Identify any areas that require specific attention to mitigate injury risk.
  • Connect the dots between your sports performance and performance testing, revealing what you need to do to gain that competitive edge you’re looking for.
  • Take advantage and maximise your current strengths to keep you at the top of your game.

These give us the information we need to formulate your strategy and get you on your way to elite sports performance.

2. Fuel The Performance

Fuel Your Performance With The Nutrients It Needs

Now that we’ve identified the key performance outcomes to formulate your strategy, we can focus on the other key pillars that will help you maximise your sports performance.

Creating a competitive edge includes more than maximising your physical preparation. We must consider your nutritional intake, recovery strategies and overall knowledge of fuelling for sports performance.

All our athletes have a session with our Sports Dietitian to identify the key areas that you may need help with, in order to maximise your sports performance, as well as learn about healthy lifestyle choices to prepare you for life after sport.

3. Mental Preparation Master Your Mental Preparation And Killer Mindset

You’ve been exposed to the physical and nutritional side of elite performance. Now we introduce you to the other half of the battle.

Having all the physical attributes in the world to be able to excel at your sport is great, but what happens when your brain gets in the way? All athletes will experience some form of performance anxiety, self-doubt and the need to satisfy external pressure. It can often be a case of “all in the mind” and even when your physical preparation is elite, your mental battles can get the best of you.

The famous Babe Ruth once said, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

Our holistic approach means we give you the opportunities to develop the never say die attitude, the will to do whatever it takes and to master your mental game.

We encourage every athlete to get in touch with their mental side and build a solid relationship with themselves to ensure they get the most out of their performance.

We don’t just give you the physical edge, but the mental edge to succeed too.

4. Tailoring Your Program

We Develop The Program To Your Individual Requirements

Identifying your baseline athletic characteristics through your Athlete Performance Testing gets us closer to developing your program. Now we have any injury history that may be hindering your progress, weaknesses that may be stopping you from maximising your sports performance, strengths that make you a good athlete and implement the strategy to make you a great athlete.

Don’t worry, we account for your training and sport schedule too. Leave the programming to us, all you have to do is execute the strategy.

5. Join Our Athlete Development Program

Now We Execute The Strategy

The Athlete Action Strategy is complete and now we're ready to execute it through our Athlete Development Program (ADP). It’s time to get the hands dirty and put in some hard yards.

When you attend our ADP training sessions, you will be surrounded by 4 other athletes who are trying to achieve greatness with you.

You will complete your training program in our elite performance facility under the watchful eye of our expert coaches to ensure you are improving each step of the way.  

All your training will accumulate over time to enhance your performance metrics.

You’ll be able to withstand the demands of the game.

You’ll fuel yourself to be at your best on game day.

You’ll be in the right mindset to dominate your performances.

You’ll be confident that the hard work you put in is keeping you ahead of the pack.


By: Johnoel Esmaquel
Director of Athlete Development

If you're genetically gifted with speed, then count yourself lucky. Not that you don't have to work hard, but your speed potential is a lot greater than those who are not gifted with speed.

Despite this, it doesn't mean athletes who aren't gifted with speed can't be fast or improve their speed. Some of the best athletes in the world aren't necessarily fast. Take Luka Donic or Scott Pendlebury for example. Both are elite athletes and great players in their respective sports, but both do not possess great speed. What they do have is enough speed to be able to utilise their strengths. They will utilise their tactical smarts and silky skills and compliment this with some relative speed movements to beat their opponents.

Speed training for team-sport athletes is not the same as speed training for track athletes. Team-sport is much more chaotic in nature, with changes coming every second whereby you have to utilise reactive components. It's not just about being fast, it's about being able to utilise the speed to manoeuvre yourself into more advantageous positions.

Speed doesn't have to be just about running fast from point A to point B. It's also how you utilise it and how you allow it to compliment your strengths.



Why Choose Us?

  • Our all-encompassing Athletic Performance Testing provides us with all the details we need, to know what makes you a good athlete (strengths), what we need to work on to give you the competitive edge (weaknesses) and make you a robust and resilient athlete (reduce risk of injury).

  • Developing the strategy from the information above allows us to tailor an individualised program to ensure we maximise your sports performance.

  • Your individualised program will not only be tailored to your performance testing, but also to your weekly schedule. We understand life gets busy, whether it's sport or socials, but understand that no matter the circumstance, we've got you covered.

  • Our team training environment means that someone will always be around to lift you up and cheer you on. Everyone wants to see you improve and we're all invested in your progress.

  • Every session, every day, every week, you will have unrivalled support from our expert coaches who will be supervising you through your journey to ensure you stay on track to achieve the goals we've set out together.

  • We provide you with the Mental Resilience Program to compliment your physical preparation. You will learn how to harness your emotions, practice mindfulness strategies, and understand the values that make you great. Not only will you have the physical edge, but you'll have the mental edge too.

  • In the event that you feel a niggle, our Sports Rehab clinicians will support you under a discounted rate. In most cases, private health care coverage will satisfy the minimum cost, meaning there will me no gap fee.


Our speed & agility program is a key component of our Athlete Development Program (ADP).

When you join the ADP, you will:

  • Develop the necessary components of running and change of direction to maximise your speed and footwork.
  • Develop the confidence to always be at your physical and mental best.
  • Be able to monitor and objectively see your improvements in athletic performance outcomes.
  • Minimise your risk of injury, allowing you to showcase your skills without second guessing your body.
  • Develop the mindset of a winner, knowing you'll have the competitive edge in moments that matter the most.


Athlete development program

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  • 8 x Athletic Performance Testing
  • Unlimited Access To ADP Weight-Room Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Speed, Agility & Conditioning Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Our Purpose Built Recovery Room
  • Individualised Programs
  • Access To 1 x Complimentary Consultation with our Sports Dietitian
  • Free Gym Membership
  • Discounted Physiotherapy Services (50% Off Standard Pricing)

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Platinum athlete program

This Is Our Platinum Program.

  • 8 x Athletic Performance Testing
  • 2x Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To ADP Weight-Room Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Speed, Agility & Conditioning Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Our Purpose Built Recovery Room
  • Individualised Programs
  • Access To 2 x Complimentary Consultations with our Sports Dietitian
  • Free Gym Membership
  • Discounted Physiotherapy Services (50% Off Standard Pricing)

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