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Traditional Personal Training Is Not Strength & Conditioning

Customary club culture and social media have been great for introducing athletes to the world of strength & conditioning. The trouble is, athletes don’t know where to start, search the wrong places, or think everything they know and have seen is easy enough to do themselves. It eventually leads to more harm than good as they fail to balance training loads with sport-specific demands and end up getting injured, which is the opposite of what you want. Instead of having a competitive edge, you’re on the sidelines watching.

Strength & conditioning is not just a case of mushing different exercises together and seeing what works. The misconception that you always need to train to failure and that the definition of a successful session is throwing up and your body feeling sore all the time is completely wrong and outdated. There is an art and science behind strength & conditioning, and it needs to be monitored and adjusted to every individual because everyone responds differently and may have different needs.

We believe that the best athletic trait is durability. Strength training is a protective mechanism against the demands of an athlete’s sport. It is also the foundation of all athletic traits such as speed, power, and agility.

We created our Athlete Development Program to ensure athletes are introduced to proper strength & conditioning, become durable enough to see out their athletic potential and sporting dreams, and help them perform to the best possible standard.

There’s nothing worse than an athlete looking back and asking themselves if they could’ve done more.


How it all works

Our Athlete Development Program (ADP) decreases risk of injury, improves athletic characteristics (strength, power, speed) and helps bridge the gap between your strengths and weaknesses. This is how it works:

1. The Athlete Action Strategy

Formulating The Strategy

The most efficient and effective way of determining if you’re achieving your goals is to assess the appropriate measures and formulate an action strategy.

All our athletes begin with performance testing. This allows us to:

  • Screen for any previous injuries that may be holding you back
  • Determine your baseline measures to ensure we have the minimum level of athletic characteristics to return to performance in the event you are injured.
  • Identify any areas that require specific attention to mitigate injury risk.
  • Connect the dots between your sports performance and performance testing, revealing what you need to do to gain that competitive edge you’re looking for.
  • Take advantage and maximise your current strengths to keep you at the top of your game.

These give us the information we need to formulate your strategy and get you on your way to elite sports performance.

2. Fuel The Performance

Fuel Your Performance With The Nutrients It Needs

Now that we’ve identified the key performance outcomes to formulate your strategy, we can focus on the other key pillars that will help you maximise your sports performance.

Creating a competitive edge includes more than maximising your physical preparation. We must consider your nutritional intake, recovery strategies and overall knowledge of fuelling for sports performance.

All our athletes have a session with our Sports Dietitian to identify the key areas that you may need help with, in order to maximise your sports performance, as well as learn about healthy lifestyle choices to prepare you for life after sport.

3. Mental Preparation Master Your Mental Preparation And Killer Mindset

You’ve been exposed to the physical and nutritional side of elite performance. Now we introduce you to the other half of the battle.

Having all the physical attributes in the world to be able to excel at your sport is great, but what happens when your brain gets in the way? All athletes will experience some form of performance anxiety, self-doubt and the need to satisfy external pressure. It can often be a case of “all in the mind” and even when your physical preparation is elite, your mental battles can get the best of you.

The famous Babe Ruth once said, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

Our holistic approach means we give you the opportunities to develop the never say die attitude, the will to do whatever it takes and to master your mental game.

We encourage every athlete to get in touch with their mental side and build a solid relationship with themselves to ensure they get the most out of their performance.

We don’t just give you the physical edge, but the mental edge to succeed too.


4. Tailoring Your Program

We Develop The Program To Your Individual Requirements

Identifying your baseline athletic characteristics through your Athlete Performance Testing gets us closer to developing your program. Now we have any injury history that may be hindering your progress, weaknesses that may be stopping you from maximising your sports performance, strengths that make you a good athlete and implement the strategy to make you a great athlete.

Don’t worry, we account for your training and sport schedule too. Leave the programming to us, all you have to do is execute the strategy.

5. Join Our Athlete Development Program

Now We Execute The Strategy

The Athlete Action Strategy is complete and now we're ready to execute it through our Athlete Development Program (ADP). It’s time to get the hands dirty and put in some hard yards.

When you attend our ADP training sessions, you will be surrounded by 4 other athletes who are trying to achieve greatness with you.

You will complete your training program in our elite performance facility under the watchful eye of our expert coaches to ensure you are improving each step of the way.  

All your training will accumulate over time to enhance your performance metrics.

You’ll be able to withstand the demands of the game.

You’ll fuel yourself to be at your best on game day.

You’ll be in the right mindset to dominate your performances.

You’ll be confident that the hard work you put in is keeping you ahead of the pack.


By: Johnoel Esmaquel
Director of Athlete Development

To maximise sports performance, you have to maximise athletic potential. To maximise athletic potential, you have to maximise durability.

Durability is the name of the game. No matter how skilful you are or how much natural talent you have, without a resilient and robust body, you'll be spending some time on the sidelines.

Strength training is a protective mechanism against injury. It allows us to increase the body's capacity to tolerate the physical stresses we go through in sport and in life. Maximising strength can certainly increase your durability.

Nutrition & hydration are undervalued in the amateur ranks of sports. These are foundations for the body to be able to perform at any level. Our bodies need the appropriate amount and type of fuel to operate and optimise performance and recovery. A nourished body is a durable body.

Stress management and mental health are key in keeping the mind healthy. Without the strategies to cope with the mental stresses of life, including performance anxiety, pressure from coaches, relationships and others, you can find yourself unable to perform at your best. Research shows that psychosocial variables impact physical performance and increases injury risk. Mental resilience is a key component in creating a durable body.

These are the low hanging fruits to becoming a great athlete.

Our Athlete Development Program (ADP) aims to maximise all of these components and mixing in other strategies to ensure you are winning at your sport and winning in life. Our ADP is a complete program that will help you reach your athletic potential and make sure your destiny is in your own hands.



Why Choose Us?

  • Our all-encompassing Athletic Performance Testing provides us with all the details we need, to know what makes you a good athlete (strengths), what we need to work on to give you the competitive edge (weaknesses) and make you a robust and resilient athlete (reduce risk of injury).

  • Developing the strategy from the information above allows us to tailor an individualised program to ensure we maximise your sports performance.

  • Your individualised program will not only be tailored to your performance testing, but also to your weekly schedule. We understand life gets busy, whether it's sport or socials, but understand that no matter the circumstance, we've got you covered.

  • Our team training environment means that someone will always be around to lift you up and cheer you on. Everyone wants to see you improve and we're all invested in your progress.

  • Every session, every day, every week, you will have unrivalled support from our expert coaches who will be supervising you through your journey to ensure you stay on track to achieve the goals we've set out together.

  • In the event that you feel a niggle, our Sports Rehab clinicians will support you under a discounted rate. In most cases, private health care coverage will satisfy the minimum cost, meaning there will me no gap fee.


When you join the ADP, you will:

  • Develop the confidence to always be at your physical and mental best.
  • Be able to monitor and objectively see your improvements in athletic performance outcomes.
  • Minimise your risk of injury, allowing you to showcase your skills without second guessing your body.
  • Develop the mindset of a winner, knowing you'll have the competitive edge in moments that matter the most.


Athlete development program

This Is Our Main Program.

  • 8 x Athletic Performance Testing
  • Unlimited Access To ADP Weight-Room Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Speed, Agility & Conditioning Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Our Purpose Built Recovery Room
  • Individualised Programs
  • Access To 1 x Complimentary Consultation with our Sports Dietitian
  • Free Gym Membership
  • Discounted Physiotherapy Services (50% Off Standard Pricing)

$129/per week

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This is a 12-Month Training Package

Platinum athlete program

This Is Our Platinum Program.

  • 8 x Athletic Performance Testing
  • 2x Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To ADP Weight-Room Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Speed, Agility & Conditioning Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Our Purpose Built Recovery Room
  • Individualised Programs
  • Access To 2 x Complimentary Consultations with our Sports Dietitian
  • Free Gym Membership
  • Discounted Physiotherapy Services (50% Off Standard Pricing)

$249/per week

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This is a 12-Month Training Package

Frequently Asked Questions

The Program

Do I get an individualised program? Each athlete has individual needs, thus our programs are all tailored to the individual as needed. Our Athlete Action Strategy allows us to identify the necessary requirements for you to succeed in your sports performance and be able to implement this in a way that is unique to you.
How do you measure my improvement? We are always observing and measuring your progress, whether it's your session-to-session performance and reporting or in our formal 12-weekly performance testing. Data is important to us to ensure we are seeing the improvements we set out, but so is your subjective reporting.
How frequently do I need to train to achieve results? As all athletes programs are individualised, there is no one-size fits all. Some athletes will see progress with 2 sessions per week, however, other athletes may need more. We make recommendations on training frequency based on variables such as your schedule, current training season, and your training history. In order to optimise exposures to strength, power and speed, a general recommendation is three times per week. Our juniors tend to work well with 2 sessions per week, depending on training exposures.
Will I be supervised and coached during my training? We have an extensive small-team training schedule with over 45 available sessions every week. Each athlete will train with up to 3 other athletes during these sessions, whereby a coach is on duty to supervise and coach you through your program. This set up allows us to continue giving you high quality coaching, maintaining a 4:1 athlete:coaching ratio, ensuring each athlete gets the attention they need.
Do you work on my speed and agility? Yes. Speed & agility is an essential component of athleticism, particularly in field, court and track sports. For this reason, we run specific speed & agility field sessions to work on your running mechanics, sprinting abilities and change of direction skills.
What's the earliest age I can start training at The Strength & Rehab HQ? We expect a high-level of maturity from our athletes, therefore we tend to work with athletes 12 years old and above. However, we have had athletes as young as 8 years old display immense dedication and maturity to their training. As a result, we take each athlete as a case by case situation. After we meet, we will determine if you will fit well into our training culture. If not, we will let you know when we think you will be ready.
If I can't make it to the recommended frequency of training, can I make up for it at home? Yes you can. Our online training platform allows us to program for you no matter where you are. Of course, your home session may be limited by the equipment you possess. However, we will maximise what you have to optimise your training at home.
What's included in the ADP membership?


Your ADP membership includes:

  • 8 x Athletic Performance Testing
  • Unlimited Access To ADP Weight-Room Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Speed, Agility & Conditioning Sessions
  • Unlimited Access To Our Purpose Built Recovery Room
  • Individualised Programs
  • Access To 1 x Complimentary Consultation with our Sports Dietitian



Why does the program go for 12 months?

You didn't get to where you are now overnight, and you will not get where you want to go overnight either.

Realistically, it takes time for athletes to develop the necessary skills to excel in strength & conditioning, just like it takes time for them to master their sport.

As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour."

Our program works in season cycles, which allows us coaches enough time to implement our expertise combined with your hard work-ethic to achieve great results. 

What are the payment options?


There are two payment options.

Our yearly commitment upfront is a flat fee of $5500. This is a saving of $1208 or 19% saving.

More commonly, our athletes pay weekly on a direct-debit membership. The cost is $129 per week.


Can I put my account on hold if I go on vacation or away? Of course. We provide up to 6 weeks per year at no cost. This will extend the length of your membership proportionate to the membership suspension. For longer durations, fees may apply to maintain your position in our program (because we have a capacity 60 athletes at any one time).
Do you provide online coaching? We typically don't provide online coaching. However, there are cases where online coaching may be a reasonable option and we can cater to this. Most of the time, we will recommend a coach in your city as nothing beats the face to face accountability of having a coach guide you through your program.
I can't commit for a year. Do you offer shorter-term training memberships? A lot of athletes especially in professional sport only have three and six-month blocks available to them before their other commitments recommence. If you are an athlete in that position, we are still here to help. We'll assess your situation on a case-by-case basis and if it is reasonable for you to join our program, we'll facilitate this. Extra fees may apply.


What is the cost of joining the ADP? The cost of joining the ADP is $129 per week. For the complete inclusions, scroll up to the above FAQ.
Do I get a discount if I pay upfront? Yes. You will receive $1208 off the yearly fee if you pay for the 12-month program upfront.
Why is it more expensive to work with us for a shorter period of time? There are lot of inclusions in the program that you don't pay for that we build into the yearly subscription. If you choose to work with us for a shorter period of time, we have to account for these extra inclusions. We also want to incentivise those that are truly commited to the process.
I don't like paying direct-debit, what are my options? We certainly understand this. If you do not feel comfortable setting up a direct debit with us, you still have the option of paying upfront for the year.

The Facility

Where are you located? We are currently located at 102/8 Childs Road in Epping. However, we will be moving to 5/855 Plenty Road in South Morang in June/July 2023.
What are your opening hours?

Our training facility is open for training sessions on Monday to Friday with team-training sessions starting from 7am and finishing at 8pm and Saturdays from 7am to 11am.

For a copy of our current schedule, please scroll down and press the download link under our schedule.

Our Schedule

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we are the only performance facility in melbourne to put our money where our mouth is

If after your first performance re-testing you have not improved, we will give you 100% of your money back. We stand by the results we achieve. If you are not happy with your training experience, we do not deserve your money. It's as simple as that. There is no stronger guarantee than this in the market.